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  1. Before entering the sauna, read the regulations.

  2. When using the sauna, it is essential to follow the instructions and information provided by the service staff.

  3. Any regulation of the sauna equipment, in particular the regulation of heater, may only be done by the employee after reading the instructions.

  4. The sauna can only be used by healthy people.

  5. The sauna can be used by adults. Children may use the sauna only if accompanied by an adult.

  6. Persons staying in the sauna declare full physical and health capacity to use this type of treatments and bear responsibility for their health condition.

  7. Sauna users are obliged to keep the room clean.

  8. It is recommended to use the sauna twice a week to improve the efficiency of the body.

  9. Before entering the sauna, you should take a bath with the use of soap to remove any cosmetics and impurities from the body.

  10. Remove metal jewelry to avoid possible burns.

  11. Do not stay in the sauna with glasses and contact lenses.

  12. Use the sauna in a cotton suit.

  13. During the heating up of the body, it is necessary to gradually move from lower benches to higher ones depending on the body tolerance.

  14. While using the sauna, one should strive to relax the muscles and achieve the greatest possible mental relaxation: calmness and silence should be maintained.

  15. After using the sauna during body cooling procedures, the use of soap is not recommended.

  16. It is forbidden to enter the sauna area: - enter clothing and footwear, - perform cosmetic procedures, - make noise and make loud conversations, - bring dishes, food and any objects, - bring alcoholic beverages, - unethical behavior, or behavior generally recognized indecent or offensive, - smoking, - destruction and damage to the equipment.

  17. After a stay in the sauna, you cannot use a Jacuzzi bathtub and do not recommend physical exercise.

  18. If you feel unwell, call for help immediately.

  19. It is not recommended to use the sauna for people: - directly after intensive training, - people with cardiovascular diseases, - people suffering from diabetes, - people who are not intoxicated, - pregnant women, - women during menstruation.

  20. Persons who violate the order or provisions of these Regulations shall be removed from the facility without the right to return previously paid fees.

  21. Using the sauna is tantamount to the fact that the person has read and accepts all of the above regulation points.

  22. The management of Villa Zosieńka is not responsible for accidents caused by non-compliance with these regulations and service instructions.

How to use sauna properly

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